Quality of Spanish fruit drives sales in Canada

10 enero 2018 Exportación

Exports from the Spanish agro-food sector to Canada grew by 38.4%between January and September 2017, reaching 194.4 million Canadian dollars (151.6 million US dollars) thanks, in part, to the rising popularity of the fruit in this market, which has learned to appreciate its quality. 

The chief counsellor of the Economic and Commercial Office of Spain in Toronto, María Gorriti, told Efe that «the results achieved in 2017 are very positive, with growth exceeding 38% and much higher sales between January and September than those obtained in the whole of 2013, for example.» 

Both Gorriti and Spanish producers and Canadian importers consulted stress that the growth of agro-food exports in Canada is due to the high quality of Spanish products, especially in the case of fruit. 

Juan José Bas, manager of naranjasyfrutas.com, which exports Spanish citrus to Canada, has been selling fruit to Canada for five years and has been living in the United States with his family for the past two years.

«The rising popularity of Spanish imports in this market is due mainly to the quality of the products coming from Spain,» he said. «This market absorbs a lot of fruit that comes from many countries, including Moroccan clementines and oranges from the United States, but it is true that people are becoming aware of the quality of Spanish products and are rewarding this quality with consumption,» he added. 


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